Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Find Your Credit Score for Free

Everybody, at some point in their lives will need to get a credit rating or credit score as it's often called. Although it may seem like an easy task, it really can be more difficult than you think, especially if you want a free credit report. As you read this article you'll learn how to find your credit score for free without any problems or hassles.

There are literally hundreds of websites that offer a free credit score. The problem is though that many of these offers are not actually free. There are a number of different tricks and methods that they use in order to trick you into parting with your cash.

The most popular one is to offer a free credit report and then once you have filled in the many online forms you'll be presented with the fee. Many people will pay it because they've spent quite some time filling in all the details and they simply can't be bothered to do it all again and just decide to pay the fee.

That's one of the more straightforward ways of getting your money and not too underhand because you still have a choice whether to pay or not. There are other methods such as asking you for your credit card details and then charging you a month later when you've completely forgotten about it.

So now you know some things to watch out for but how do you find your credit score for free and avoid all of the scam websites that seem to everywhere you look?

Although there are lots of companies and websites that offer a free credit report there are actually only a handful that can be trusted.

From my own experience a reliable website like Credit Report will actually provide you with a no strings attached credit report that won't you anything. There are other websites that I've heard of but I can't vouch for them personally.

You can have a look in Google and see for yourself just how many websites there are but you'll notice that Credit Report is usually quite high in the Google rankings which should mean they are more trusted.

Although they will provide you with a free report you will still need to opt out of certain things in order to not be charged. Although they provide a free credit report you still need to be careful when opting in or out of various options.

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